Media and crisis communication training

How your business responds to the media and handles social media commentary during a crisis can help make or break its reputation. Communicating quickly, accurately, honestly and with empathy are the trademarks of a professional crisis response. Working in collaboration with an ex-BBC journalist, Steve Gunn & Associates provides media training and crisis communication training. We also offer custom coaching aimed at equipping your people with the tools and strategies to handle media interview scenarios specific to your business such as redundancies, factory closures, chemical spills, etc. In addition, we can provide training on how to use social media to get early warnings of potential issues and communicate during a crisis.


Steve has successfully managed the communications during a range of crises and knows how to develop crisis communication plans and create effective crisis communication manuals. In addition, he has developed and led numerous media training and crisis communication training programmes. Courses range from an introductory media training programme through to the challenge of responding to a steadily unfolding crisis scenario relevant to your business in our crisis communication training programme:

  • Introductory media training
  • Crisis News Management Training
  • Social media during a crisis
  • Crisis communication materials and manuals.


Testimonial: Media Training Course

“To learn so much that is of real use in one day is great – I would now approach any necessary dealings with the media with a lot more confidence. The highly practical nature of the media training was really effective in drumming the lessons home.”

European Marketing Manager, electronic materials company, Cambridge.


Testimonial: Crisis News Management Training

“Nothing, except this crisis communication training, can prepare you for this kind of situation: the ‘ambush’ as you walk into your office; the onslaught of calls that will face you as soon as you arrive; the order of magnitude of the task in front of you; and the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear this kind of news.”

Corporate Vice President, food ingredients company, Manchester.


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